An Amazing Mother, Incredible Grandmother an fantastic woman




You were so much to so many people. A mother, a wife, a grandmother and a friend.


When you entered a room you could light it up with your smile and personality. You were always so giving and caring.


Personally, you were one of my best friends. From an early age, you were always there for me, always just a phone call away. When mom went out and I was at home alone I would always give you call to talk.


When I was little you would take the train down from Co-Op City in the Bronx to visit me in Pennsylvania. You would always stop at Macy's in Manhattan and get lox and bagels.


I remember as a little kid, when you would visit, playing on the pull-out cot pretending that we were on the canal and all of my stuffed animals were passengers.
You and I always had so much fun together.


Later on, after college, when I would get a day off of work, I would drive up and we would go into New York City. Even though you were in your 80's, you still walked a crazy amount of blocks and refused to take a cab. It was if you were superhuman -- Super Grandma. And to me you were (are).


Now that you've left us and you're with Grandpa Sid, I'm going to miss you so much! You were and always will be so special to me.


You’ve touched all our lives. Our lives are so much richer because you were a part of them for so long.


I know you're in a better place. Just know that we all love you so very much and miss you terribly.


I love you with all my heart!


Love Your Grandson Forever,







Yit-gadal v'yit-kadash sh'may raba b'alma dee-v'ra che-ru-tay, ve'yam-lich mal-chutay b'chai-yay-chon uv'yo-may-chon uv-cha-yay d'chol beit Yisrael, ba-agala u'vitze-man ka-riv, ve'imru amen.

Y'hay sh'may raba me'varach le-alam uleh-almay alma-ya.

Yit-barach v'yish-tabach, v'yit-pa-ar v'yit-romam v'yit-nasay, v'yit-hadar v'yit-aleh v'yit-halal sh'may d'koo-d'shah, b'rich hoo. layla meen kol beer-chata v'she-rata, toosh-b'chata v'nay-ch'mata, da-a meran b'alma, ve'imru amen.

Y'hay sh'lama raba meen sh'maya v'cha-yim aleynu v'al kol Yisrael, ve'imru amen.

O'seh shalom beem-romav, hoo ya'ah-seh shalom aleynu v'al kol Yisrael, ve'imru amen.

Magnified and sanctified be G-d's great name in the world which He created according to His will. May he establish His kingdom during our lifetime and during the lifetime of Israel. Let us say, Amen.


May G-d's great name be blessed forever and ever.

Blessed, glorified, honored and extolled, adored and acclaimed be the name of the Holy One, though G-d is beyond all praises and songs of adoration which can be uttered. Let us say, Amen.


May there be peace and life for all of us and for all Israel. Let us say, Amen.

Let He who makes peace in the heavens, grant peace to all of us and to all Israel. Let us say, Amen.